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Endless list of favorite characters:

Marilyn Monroe as ‘The Girl’ in The Seven Year Itch

Your imagination! You think every girl’s a dope. You think a girl goes to a party and there’s some guy in a fancy striped vest strutting around giving you that I’m-so-handsome-you-can’t-resist-me look. From this she’s supposed to fall flat on her face. Well, she doesn’t fall on her face. But there’s another guy in the room, over in the corner. Maybe he’s nervous and shy and perspiring a little. First, you look past him. But then you sense that he’s gentle and kind and worried. That he’ll be tender with you, nice and sweet. That’s what’s really exciting.

make me choose
↳ Anon asked Lana Parrilla & Robert Carlyle or Jennifer Morrison & Ginnifer Goodwin

Have you accepted Belle French as your lord and saviour (◕‿◕✿)

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Lewt tries to impress Pearl in Duel In The Sun(1946)

Hold Your ManRuby + Eddie

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You've said before that you prefer books etc with virgin heroines--So do I! and I was wondering if you knew any movies were the main girl is a virgin?

That is true :) I grew up reading historical romances so I became really used to it :P

Good to know that someone else does to!

I do know a few…but it’s really difficult t find movies that are not all about virginity ie: American Pie etc

1) Duel In The Sun

2)Penelope—this is me just guessing cause she never was with anyone until she got with James Mcavoy in the end :P

3)A Dangerous Method

4)Remember me—now again I just assumed cause of how her dad acted etc. I could be wrong so…

5)The Notebook

6) A walk to remember

7)The Duchess

8) Easy a

9) The first time

10)The Breakfast Club

11) Atonement

12) Demons never die

13)The Girl from Missouri-Jean Harlow